Pick Yourself Up And Dust Yourself Off, Because It’s Time For Squats.

My daughter is a fitness “beast.” So inspiring to me in my own journey toward improved health!

Curls, Carbs, and Crazy Ramblings

Man, that week sure flew by quickly!


But in all seriousness, you might be wondering where I’ve been. Which is fair. Nosey, but fair. So, just for you, I’ll give you a quick recap before my actual post. These past few months have been a little crazy. I’ve started school, found out I have hypothyroidism (which is always a fun thing to find out), got a new puppy, and have been settling into married life.

Ah, my favorite little trouble maker. She loves her family (especially her grandpa, who visits with her every morning before the gym), jumping and climbing, eating what she shouldn’t, and cuddling. She can be cute, but only when she wants to be.

But I haven’t stopped working out:

Me with a spray tan oranger than an oompa-loompa a few weeks ago. But I was still the finest looking oompa-loompa in the factory 😉

Me flexing…

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